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Did you know that San Fernando Valley is at the forefront of medicine, research, and technology

Indeed, San Fernando Valley’s long history, long harbor, and generous tax breaks and incentives make it a haven for a variety of small, medium, and large enterprises to call the city home.  The industries which San Fernando Valley leads the country and world are medicine, general and medical technologies, and medical-based research.  Bedpage, which is San Fernando Valley’s answer to America’s Craigslist lists many medical groups and other institutions dedicated to furthering medical and technological research in San Fernando Valley.  This is discussed in more detail below.


  • San Fernando Valley Medical Group

Many a San Fernando Valley Medical Group exists in the greater metropolis of San Fernando Valley.  One such group is The Children’s Hospital San Fernando Valley Medical Group (CHMLA).  The doctors and researchers at this medical group have dedicated their lives to cutting edge medical research and care of babies and young children.  This medical group is a nonprofit (501 C 3) and offers more than 350 pediatric programs to the neediest and poorest children in San Fernando Valley.  

This hospital is listed on Bedpage’s website.  In fact, if you visit Bedpage.com, you will find many similar hospitals with the same vision and mission - conducting the latest in medical research and providing lifesaving medical procedures and surgeries to the neediest in San Fernando Valley.


  • Focus groups

If you are even vaguely familiar with academic research, you have heard the terms ‘focus groups’ before.  You may have been curious and gone online to look up their official definition.  If you have done this, you probably read a paragraph worded similar to this, “a focus group selects people representing certain sections of the population which the group is attempting to study and understand.  These people take part in a planned discussion regarding their perceptions about a particular topic or area.  Their discussions and outcomes represent the feelings of the customers in the target groups and the discussion takes place in a controlled and safe environment.” 


Many organizations in San Fernando Valley rely on various types of focus groups to obtain valuable information from those in their target markets regarding the various products and services which they sell.  This information includes customer sentiments and reviews and is crucial because these organizations use the ‘feedback’ to improve their product and service offerings further.  No surveys are used, so the feedback and information gathered are entirely qualitative and opinion-based, yet it is effective in helping organizations and companies understand the way customers really feel about their products and services so they (focus groups) are becoming more popular, especially in the global market!


Bedpage.com lists many focus groups in San Fernando Valley in its section which is dedicated to focus groups and studies.  Since organizations are legally required to pay the people who participate in their focus groups, Bedpage lists many paid focus groups.  Some of these includeToluna.  This focus group collects customer sentiments and opinions regarding the company’s products and services through online interviews.  Toluna is a focus group dedicated to change, especially in the ways in which the corporate world operates.  It holds and invites people in the community to participate in online interviews because it is genuinely interested in allowing the general population to participate in the continual transformation of the goods and services which the companies which it represents sell in San Fernando Valley, surrounding areas, and America!


  • Research studies

When you hear the phrase ‘research studies’ images of a lab nerd wearing a white lab coat and holding a PhD in some advanced scientific field may come to mind.  In many classic and stereotypical images, this ‘nerd’ is peering through a microscope lens in the hope of and quest to make profound discoveries in terms of research which will benefit the company which he or she is working for, its consumers, and society in general.  If this is your impression of research studies, your impression needs to be revised because research studies apply to a wide variety of fields:  from engineering to business! 


The goal and purpose of the typical research study is to gather information regarding a particular product, service, medicine, or treatment which the conducting organization or business can then use to improve on the products or services it makes.  Research studies have been proven to be an invaluable tool in terms of understanding how the general population perceives certain products, services, etc... Bedpage lists many research groups on its website.  All of these groups involve volunteers who are paid for their time and efforts. 


One such focus group on Bedpage.com is the Healthy Couple volunteers focus group.  The objective of this group is to partake in a birth control study which tests and measures the effectiveness of testosterone in birth control gel (for men).  The male participants apply the gel to his or her upper arm for a period of two years.  They receive monthly follow-ups to gauge the effectiveness and safety use of this gel.  They are required to deposit sperm samples which are analyzed for number, size, and quality.  The female participants are required to use effective birth control until their partners’ sperm counts are adequately reduced.  Women participating in this study visit the clinic 11 times in 2 years and have 17 phone interviews during this time period.  The National Institute of Health (NIH) funds and supports this study with the objective of understanding the effectiveness of birth control for men since most forms of birth control are for women.


San Fernando Valley is the place for focus groups/studies

Because San Fernando Valley is vast and rich, its municipal government has the funds to support its businesses in their efforts in research.  Bedpage realizes this and reflects this in its listings of San Fernando Valley Medical research,focus groups, and research studies! 

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