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Mon 21 Oct

How do migrants find work in San Fernando Valley?

San Fernando Valley:  it is one of the busiest and most prosperous metros in America.  Wages and salaries are higher in this metro than in many parts of America, and definitely in many parts of California - both Northern and Southern.  This is one of the main factors which has historically attracted migrants and illegal immigrants to this city from Mexico, Central America, and South America!  These immigrants and migrants come to San Fernando Valley in search of work opportunities.  If you have ever wondered how they find work in San Fernando Valley, read this article because it will answer this pressing and interesting question.  Many of the answers are found on Bedpage.com which is San Fernando Valley’s version of Craigslist.


  • San Fernando Valley work wanted

Many San Fernando Valley work wanted jobs are available in the greater San Fernando Valley area because of the sheer size of its geography and economy.  Most of these jobs are help wanted or ask for those with menial skills to perform work requiring menial tasks, physical labor, or both!  These San Fernando Valley work wanted employment opportunities are posted on the jobs and employment section of Bedpage.com.  Typical San Fernando Valley work wanted jobs which immigrants and migrants can find on Bedpage.com (provided they can read either English or Spanish) include XDR Radiology customer support representatives, admissions representatives (in the entertainment &education industry), and Surgical techs for doctors who perform plastic surgery. 


There is more to these menial jobs than meets the eye

At first glance, it may seem that most of the menial jobs posted on Bedpage.com only require a high school diploma and more brawn than brainpower.  However, further analysis of these and the many other menial jobs posted on Bedpage’s website soon reveal that this far from the case.


To use an example, the XDR Radiology customer service representative position requires its applicants to have real experience in solving customer service problems and issues well.  This professional must also have excellent people, communication, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and management skills because he or she will be managing small groups of teams in order to resolve vital customer service issues.  Professional experience in and knowledge of client acquisition and business development is required because this person will be interacting directly with clients.  His or her objective will be to ‘keep existing clients happy’ in the hopes of getting repeat work and referrals from them.  His or her secondary objective will be to constantly acquire new and high paying customer accounts to ensure that the ‘revenue keeps on rolling in’ from the company’s standpoint. 


This professional is also expected to be able to manage incoming phone calls, emails, and web requests accurately and with a professional and courteous demeanor.  The customer service rep is also required to use excellent customer service skills, experience, and knowledge (from the technical side) to successfully and adequately resolve technical inquiries from those customers who have issues with the company’s software and hardware programs which are sold to various dental offices around America.  Traditional customer service skills are required for standard tasks which include building long-lasting, professional, and cordial relationships with customers for repeat business and referrals, identify the needs and issues which customers face and satisfactorily and successfully resolve them, and use the right software and hardware tools to provide external and internal customers with the accurate and complete information which they want and need.


  • Day labor

When most people think of day labor jobs, images of burly men slaving under the hot and sweltering Sun while performing grueling physical tasks may come to mind, but this is only half of the story.  Many of the immigrants and migrants who seek menial jobs go through day labor centers to do so.  They can find these types of day labor centers on Bedpage.com without much effort at all.  These centers will offer a multitude of jobs of various educational, knowledge, skill, and experience levels which they can easily apply for!  One such position is a labor and employment associate in a Law Firm in San Fernando Valley.  The pay ranges from $26 to $119 thousand a year, and great benefits are offered.  Therefore, it is quite lucrative and attractive. 

Applicants for this day labor jobs are required to have at least two years of experience in the legal field because they will be performing clerical duties which include, but are not limited to filing, typing up and drafting legal documents and correspondence, data entry, managing physical files, and answering phone calls.  They are required to have an excellent academic record which reflects exemplary academic performance for this reason.  Other prerequisites are strong analytical and written and oral communication skills, and the ability to work well within and across various types of teams!  These applicants must also have strong analytical skills because of the nature of the work they will be performing which ranges from employment defense litigation to employment counseling.  These applicants, if hired, may also be assisting the lawyers which they work for in their efforts to represent their (lawyers’) clients in court, therefore, a strong knowledge of and extensive experience in representative action and labor laws are required.


Day labor can be quite challenging in more ways than one!

Much San Fernando Valley work wanted and day labor jobs are regularly posted on Bedpage.com.  These jobs are more complex and demanding than simply picking vegetables in the field or mowing lawns.  They require basic technical and academic knowledge, and some years of experience to perform well.  The best part is that these types of jobs are the gateway to promising, rewarding, challenging, and long-lasting work in the professional field.  

If you are in the city of San Fernando Valley and ardently looking for a day labor job, then you don’t have to worry any further. Several employers post vacancies of this cadre in Bedpage, San Fernando Valley. So, as a job seeker, you can easily find a job of your choice in Bedpage.

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