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Did you know that you found anything in lost & found?

If you have ever made the very human mistake of leaving your iPhone or keys at the security line at any airport, you are all too familiar with Lost & Found.  San Fernando Valley, one of the largest metros in America also has a lost & found.  The main difference is San Fernando Valley lost and found is easily visible on the lost & found section of Bedpage which is San Fernando Valley’s version of the national classifieds’ website, Craigslist.  Read more to learn about Bedpage’s lost and found section.


  • San Fernando Valley lost and found

If you lose any item imaginable, you can find it in San Fernando Valley lost and found. Bedpage partners with all businesses and organizations in the greater San Fernando Valley area and urges the residents of San Fernando Valley to return lost items - be it the dogs or keychains - to special recovery centers.  Once the items are sent to these centers, Bedpage lists them on the lost and found section of its website.  You can easily find lost items on Bedpage’s website and recover them within 24 hours of losing them. 


  • Lost dog

Dogs are considered to be ‘man’s best friend.’  A lost dog will cause you grief and loneliness since your pet is like your kid.  Many dogs are lost because they wander through neighborhoods.  If you have a lost dog, go to Bedpage’s website and call the recovery center for lost pets.  A representative will answer and inform you if your pet is in the recovery center.  You can pick the pet up within an hour of placing your inquiry call if it is there.


  • Lost cat

Cats are easy to lose because they wander everywhere in any neighborhood and may not have the sense of direction necessary to return to their owners’ homes!  If you have a lost cat, you should call the recovery center and give the customer service representative the identification number on the microchip on the collar of your lost cat.  Your vet will gladly give you this type of collar for a nominal fee.  The microchip will make it easy to identify your cat once it is lost.  That way you can easily recover your cat within a few hours of it being lost.  This will give you peace of mind!  You can be certain that someone in your neighborhood will find your cat and take it to a recovery center either from Bedpage, or from the city of San Fernando Valley because most people love cats!


  • Lost ring

Picture this:  your grandmother gives you a family heirloom which is a ring which has been in your family since William the Conqueror conquered England (1066 AD).  One day, it slips off of your finger in the middle of a busy intersection without your knowledge.  You notice your lost ring a few hours later, but you are in despair because you are not sure what to do!  Rest assured that you will be able to recover your lost ring through the lost and found section of Bedpage’s website after you have filed a formal police report.  Once you file a police report, the information is made public.  The police will obviously look for it, but the general public will also be notified of the ring and someone will be sure to return it upon finding it!  You can expedite this process by trying to retrace your steps in the area where you think the ring was lost.  If this doesn’t work, you can spread further awareness of the ring by placing flyers in your neighborhood and in the neighborhoods surrounding the place where you lost your ring.  You then check Bedpage’s site constantly to see if it has been recovered.  You can pick it up within an hour if this is the case!


  • Lost watch

While losing a cheap $5 watch from Walmart is of little concern because you can always replace it, the story and sentiment is much different if the lost watch happens to be a $20,000 special edition Rolex. What do you do to recover your lost watch in this instance?  You can file a police report for your watch.  You can also place flyers around the geographic areas where you lost your watch.  Then check constantly on Bedpage’s website for listings of the watch.  Call Bedpage’s customer service if you see the watch listed and provide the customer service representative with the identification number.  You can then pick the watch up immediately!  Things are even easier if the watch is a new Apple watch because you can set up the Find my iPhone alert.  It will notify you immediately when your watch is found and it will give you the location(s) where you can find your watch!


  • Lost cell phone

You may be kicking yourself if you have a lost cell phone especially if it was the newest version on the market because those are self-charging, write easily, and waterproof.  What do you do in this instance?  Well, you can easily recover your lost cell phone by using the latest in cell retrieval technology to find your phone.  If someone has found your phone, they will return it to one of Bedpage’s or the city of San Fernando Valley’s recovery centers.  You can then call up these recovery centers, provide the customer service representative with your identification number and recover your watch within an hour of losing it!


Lost items can be found easily

As described above, Bedpage is ensuring that lost items can be found easily.  Whether you have a lost cell phone, lost ring, lost dog, lost cat, or lost watch, you can easily find it in San Fernando Valley’s lost and found recovery centers (or Bedpage’s) which can easily be tracked on Bedpage’s website.  Good luck in finding your lost item, you surely will!

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